An Extraordinary Element – Water

Clean Eating

 In holistic healing, we often talk about coming into balance, guiding the whole being into its most natural state. But whenever that notion starts to sound a little esoteric, I like to remember that, more than almost anything, our health relies on our most precious, and most basic, resource—water. The connection is so fundamental, so essential, it’s easy to forget. But water is the key to keeping our bodies running strong and our skin glowing from within.


Water transports vital nutrients throughout the body, maintains the osmotic tone of the cells, and flushes out toxins, which happens even more quickly when we drink enough water. It’s a necessary in almost every bodily function, from energizing muscles and keeping fatigue at bay, to helping the heart pump blood efficiently. And water is skin’s best ally, carrying oxygen to the cells of our biggest organ, eliminating impurities, and improving circulation, all of which ignites that healthy radiance.


Still, water is not only crucial in supporting the wellbeing of our physical bodies, but serves to optimize our thought processes, transmitting our feelings and moods as an energy carrier, and facilitating communication between brain cells. They say that some 70% to 80% of the brain tissue is water. When you’re dehydrated, your body and your mind are stressed, which has both direct and indirect effects. (And if you’re feeling thirsty, that’s a sign that you’re already a bit dehydrated.) 


But while we might drink water to rehydrate and detoxify, water is also a primary food source, one that replenishes us with living energy and information. Just think, the electricity of our every idea or question or love passes through this vital fluid. Water also offers a profound connection to the world around us.


Spring water, which surfaces on its own and flows from the earth, is best of all, carrying with it electromagnetic vibrations from deep within our planet. This truly mature water is filled with energy that can replenish us, supercharging our life force.


Why not take pleasure in drinking the classic eight-glasses-of-water-a-day—with gratitude and wonder.

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