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February 14, 2011 – LOVE

heartscroppedTo intentionally spend time focusing your energy on love and its power is a beautiful and profound experience.  I often remind myself in times of distress or difficulty that “everything is love.”  Those simple words offer comfort and the knowledge that peace may be found in simply giving yourself up to love.  A consistent and ancient belief held by man down through the ages is that the body is a physical manifestation of energies located in seven centers of the human body.  These centers are called chakras, meaning “wheels of energy,” that are always open and in complete harmony.  In honor of the perfection of love, my words today are in celebration & exploration of the heart chakra – the energies that govern the heart & feelings of love – the core of our physical & spiritual center.  Through this chakra, we open to and connect with harmony & peace – wholeness, boundless love and a wellspring of compassion, creating balance between body, mind and spirit.  The energies from the heart chakra harmonize the immune and endocrine systems; the radiation produced by love flow can heal the entire body.  A deep and profound joy of life is found in the recognition that everything in our lives flows from the heart.  Once we have manifested this in our own lives, we begin to receive from others what we have already seen and created in ourselves – love. 

Be love in each moment, for it is your truest self.  Happy Valentine’s Day:)

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