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Tammy Fender Holistic Skin Care


Can't. Live. Without.

The Skin-Perfecting Duo—combining our award-winning Epi Peel exfoliant, mask and peel in-one with the ultra-nourishing Quintessential Serum — offers an incredibly dynamic and luxurious way to indulge skin at-home. Celebrated fans and celebrities from around the world have sung the praises of these two revolutionary formulations, while Epi-Peel has been distinguished by Allure's Editor's Choice Award.

Working in perfect harmony, the duo provides a magical five-minute facial. First Epi-Peel, packed with pure Moroccan rosemary, spearmint and purifying clay, gently refines pores, eliminating impurities, boosting circulation and lending skin an instant glow. Quintessential Serum follows, providing highly concentrated cellular nutrition, moisturizing skin deeply, and sealing in all the benefits with a protective environmental barrier.

"The combined treatment nourishes every cell with all that is pure, refined and incandescent, providing the skin with true sanctuary and offering healing on every level," says Tammy Fender. "They make a perfect combination."


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