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Tammy Fender Holistic Skin Care



Q: I'm new to the line, what products should I start with?

A: Welcome! We are excited to be a part of your journey to your best self. You can learn more about specific products in our online shop under the heading “By Skin Care Concern.” There, Tammy details treatment protocols that support each skin type, from sensitive, to oily/over-active, to mature/aging to post-healing.

In addition, our customized treatment kits, also available in the online shop, offer a great introduction to the Tammy Fender collection. Each kit is customized to suit a range of skin types and contains a two-week supply of some of our best-loved products, such as the deeply nourishing Quintessential Serum, or Epi Peel, our exfoliant, peel and mask all-in-one.

Let’s find the formulas that are just right for you. We are available for skincare consultations over the phone or in person. Please call us at 561.659.2229 to speak with a skincare specialist.

Q: It is a week before my (wedding, anniversary, vacation, etc.) and I want to have glowing, vibrant skin. Which products should I use and what other steps can I take?

A: : It’s never too late to nurture your skin with holistic care. Recognizing that what you put onto skin is absorbed at the cellular level, start by choosing products recommended for your particular skin type, as detailed in our online shop under the heading “By Skin Care Concern,” or call us for a customized skincare consultation.

To prepare for that special day or event, you may begin a week in advance with Tammy’s recommended protocol for purifying, balancing, nourishing and illuminating the skin. To cleanse the skin, choose either the Cleansing Milk or Purifying Cleansing Gel, followed by Essential C Tonic to brighten the skin with a blast of Vitamin C.  Next, polish the skin for an instant glow with our Epi-Peel and finish with an application of Quintessential Serum for wedding day skin perfection.  Then commit to a consistent daily skincare routine, while enjoying the ritual of applying each product with calm intention.  

Tammy Fender products are formulated to bring skin into balance, and work most effectively when contributing to a healthy lifestyle that encourages well-being in body, mind and spirit.  Eating nourishing foods in their most natural state best supports the skin, as does daily exercise to increase circulation, delivering essential oxygen to the cells.  Reducing daily lifestyle stresses and thinking positive thoughts also does wonders for promoting beauty that emanates from within.

Q: I'm experiencing breakouts – what should I do?

Once you relax your mind and release stress, you’ve already made a big step towards clearer skin. While stress is a primary factor in triggering breakouts, Tammy also recommends a detailed skincare treatment protocol for acne and congested skin, posted in our online shop under the heading “By Skin Care Concern.”

Additionally, to address active breakouts, Tammy’s morning and evening protocol is as follows: Cleanse the skin with Purifying Cleansing Gel. Follow with Essential C Tonic. Then apply Clarifying Dermagel, which heals and clears skin, while preserving its tissues. Once active acne has cleared, you can moisturize with Antioxidant Crème, or try Skin Tone Brightening System to fade discoloration. Epi-Peel can also be used twice a week as an exfoliant, peel and mask all-in-one.

Q: I'm pregnant. Can I use Tammy Fender products during my pregnancy?

A: Yes! Because of the purity of our ingredients, many moms-to-be seek out the Tammy Fender collection during pregnancy. Everything applied to our skin absorbs and penetrates at the cellular level, so Tammy Fender products, which are 100% botanical and brimming with vitamins and minerals, are ideal. We never use parabens, chemicals, artificial colors or fragrances in our formulas. And all of our formulas are safe for use on children.

However, since Bulgarian Lavender Body Oil contains a high concentration of lavender, Tammy recommends discontinuing use during the first trimester, though it is a wonderful product to use throughout the rest of pregnancy.

Q: Is there a quick treatment at-home I can use when I need to look my best?

For those on-the-go, Tammy recommends this five-minute do-it-yourself facial, using Epi-Peel and Quintessential Serum. First, the Epi-Peel reinvigorates the skin, increasing circulation and bringing oxygen to the surface, while sloughing off dead cells.  Then the Quintessential Serum provides instant nourishment and leaves skin with a luminous glow, making this combination our highly sought after “Skin Perfecting Duo.” 

Q: What is the shelf life of a Tammy Fender product?

A: Due to the high content of natural, active ingredients in Tammy Fender products, we utilize a food-grade preservative system to ensure products remain at peak potency during the first 90 days after opening. All products are packaged to be used within 8-12 weeks, the period during which they are most efficacious.

Q: When do I apply sunscreen, before or after my moisturizer?

Apply sunscreen after your moisturizer as the last step in your daily morning skincare routine.

Q: Can I use Tammy Fender products when healing after a medical procedure?

Many clients seek out Tammy Fender products during the healing process, a time when doctors recommend using all-natural formulas on skin. Our chemical-free remedies boast remarkable curative properties, assisting in diminishing surgical scars, reducing redness and tissue pain, and restoring overall tranquility. While treating tender skin with these formulas, which offer an intensive capacity to soothe and strengthen tissues, clients have reported faster than expected post-procedural healing times.

Find Tammy’s complete post-healing treatment protocol in our online shop under the heading “By Skin Care Concern .”  It includes our Roman Chamomile Tonic, renowned for its ability to reduce inflammation and boost hydration, and our Bulgarian Lavender Body Oil, a blend of rich nutrient oils combined with the exquisite beautifying, rejuvenating and soothing properties of Bulgarian Lavender.  

Q: How can I best treat aging skin?

Every formula we create has anti-aging benefits and promotes radiant health and healing of the complexion.  We use only highly active plant based ingredients that improve the way the skin functions from the inside out.  Since plants feed off the sun’s energy, their nutrients are full of Pure Living Energy® which we can use to feed our skin, to help it thrive with radiance and vitality.  By applying a holistic product to our skin, the synergy between the two will restore both inner and outer harmony and create balanced skin.

Our anti-aging treatment protocol is full of super potent skin-rejuvenating nutrients and active botanicals.  We suggest applying the Cleansing Milk in the morning and evening, followed by our revitalizing Bulgarian Rose Water and Firming Eye Gel.  Massage a few drops of Quintessential Serum onto the skin and finish with our ultra-restorative and reparative Intensive Repair Balm for a smooth, glowing complexion.

Q: Do all-natural skin care products work?

Because skin is an eliminatory organ, when it rejects what’s put onto it, including potential toxins (petrochemicals, parabens and synthetic compounds), the result can be redness, irritation, or the development of various skin conditions. But when we recognize the importance of what we put onto the skin, the choice to use natural products becomes very clear. It’s just as crucial as what we eat.

Plants are packed with high concentrations of oxygen and vital nutrients, and, when used in formulations of the Tammy Fender Skincare Collection, deliver essential nutrition at the cellular level, penetrating tissues, increasing cell longevity and restoring skin’s natural health and radiance.

Q: What is holistic skincare?

The scope of holistic medicine concerns not only the physical body, but the person as a whole, encompassing the emotional and the spiritual levels. The aim of holistic skincare is to raise the vibration of the whole being. This kind of healing might mean making certain lifestyle changes, for example, choosing pure organic foods, exercising regularly and allowing time for plenty of mental and physical rest. The way these choices manifest is in the vibrant glow they bring to our skin.

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