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Wonderful Wanderlust


Summer is a time of great expansion—flowers burst into bloom and the days are sweetly long. But we can also tap into the season’s urge toward bold widening energy from within, intentionally rejuvenating our hearts and minds.

Studies have shown that we become less open to newness as we age. On the physical level, a sense of adventure recharges your heart and moves your blood, while creates new neurological connections. The thrill is precious! And, naturally, daring to expand can also awakening a deep sense of youthful joy and beauty. It’s growth.

 The kind of fluidity we experience when we step out of the everyday re-charges our chi, our life force, unblocking old patterns and opening our eyes to the world’s rich vibrancy. Traveling, for example, is a great way to challenge yourself, arriving at a new place where you’ll see life through a different lens.

Are you ready for something new? If you’re planning to hit the road this summer—or if you’ll expand your horizons by reading a great new book—let that energy of curious delight soak into every cell.

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