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We’re Nuts for Coconuts!

Sharing the gift of fresh coconut water with my daughter, Savanna.

There is something so deeply delicious about fresh organic coconut water—and I don’t just mean the way it tastes. Coconut water is simply packed with goodness! Beyond its essential minerals and energy-boosting electrolytes, it offers a whole range of healthful benefits for everyone. Let me tell you about just a few.

Coconut water quickens the metabolism, helping those who’d like to shed unwanted weight. It supports the immune system and boasts antioxidant properties. It rehydrates our body’s tissues, bringing us into balance. And, most interestingly, coconut water is full of cytokinins, phytohormones that researchers are now studying for their anti-aging effects. Recent studies have shown that cytokinins like those found in coconut water slow cellular aging and degeneration, and might even be effective in fighting cancer. As the search goes on, I’ll be curious to learn more about the benefits of coconut water!

In the meantime, I’m thankful for this replenishing gift and look forward to enjoying every sip—delicious, fresh and raw, straight from the shell. Cheers!





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