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The Body Knows – The Gift of Intuition

blog photo 2What does the heart comprehend that the mind can’t fathom? Well, plenty! Intuition is one of our most powerful gifts, and when we tap into its potential it guides us like internal radar along a path that so beautifully improves overall wellbeing.

While it can feel nearly impossible to find the time to reconnect with our deepest knowing when life’s busy-ness is amplified, intuition provides clarity and awareness as nothing else can. All that’s really needed is a moment dedicated to paying attention to you, whether you find it sitting quietly, walking, doing yoga or out in nature. Check in quietly, turning your focus inward to see what feels out of alignment—are you depleted, over-extended, or impatient? It isn’t a question for the mind, but for the body. Then you make the space to attend to your own special needs. And as our inner lives come into balance, everything else does, too. Your skin will thank you!

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