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One of my favorite parts of spreading my message of holistic living is being able to connect with people.  I recently had the wonderful opportunity to do just that with the official launch of the Tammy Fender collection within the coveted walls of two incredible bluemercury locations!  I am so excited to have extended our Tammy Fender family to the teams in Shrewsbury, New Jersey and the Upper West Side store in NYC.  Walking into each store I was transported to a dream-world of all things feminine & beautiful, filled with happiness to see our products gracing the shelves and ready to transform the skin of the bluemercury clientele.  We spent wonderful days with each team – they are all official Tammy Fender gurus and will take the best care of you as you begin your Tammy Fender journey to amazing, glowing skin radiating from the inside out.  We are looking forward to planning in-store events and appearances at these locations so stay tuned for updates….thank you, bluemercury!  We love being a part of your family!


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