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Gratitude Gives Us So Much to Be Thankful For!

Thanksgiving, besides offering us the chance to join together with friends and family, brings a wonderful opportunity to realize how much positivity and joy can come from practicing gratitude—not just on Thanksgiving day itself, but everyday. When we consciously and conscientiously relish the good in our lives, it brings an absolute wealth of benefits.

It’s been shown that practicing gratitude leads to greater happiness and can boost health. Taking the time to be thankful everyday creates a real ripple effect, leading to fewer stress-related illnesses and fewer trips to the doctor. Research shows that consistently grateful people sleep longer and more deeply, and are usually more physically fit. It improves and strengthens relationships and empowers optimism. One study tallied up all the benefits that came from cultivating thankfulness and concluded that it can add up to seven years to your life! No wonder there’s a global gratitude movement afoot! And, as we all know, those happy thoughts shine through in a thousand ways—as happy thoughts and smiles can improve the complexion, oxygenating and tightening the skin—and radiating beauty.

Realizing your intention to practice gratitude means setting aside a little time each day for thankful appreciation, at least in the beginning. Some might use visual reminders to re-focus their energies towards gratitude. Others like to count their blessings, literally recalling 5 or 6 things to be grateful for each day. Practicing gratitude might come naturally when pausing in thankfulness before eating a meal, or when writing a thank you note. But I think you’ll find that the momentum builds almost immediately, and you’ll soon find thankfulness spontaneously brimming over and brightening your day. It’s delicious to savor the moment in that way.

Being aware of our blessings shines such a beautiful light on life’s wonders both big and small. As we all know, you can’t force the feeling. But as soon as we invite gratitude deeper into our lives we have the chance to see the world around us with renewed vision—and to realize that boundless opportunities to experience the beauty of gratitude surround us everywhere.


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