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Connect with Winter’s Solar Energy and Shine

After the Earth’s yearly mid-winter dip into darkness, we can feel the power of the sun’s return in the energetic lift it brings us as the light rushes back in. The sun is our beautiful life source, both magical and real. As the days get longer, we have the chance to forge a deeper connection to that fundamental solar energy, our glowing spiritual and physical link to the vibrancy of the vast universe, and one that makes us feel so big and so small at the same time.

Now is the perfect time to simplify a bit—unplugging for a 20 minute rest, or going for a short walk—making room to feel more deeply the physical and spiritual interdependence of all beings on this planet, each absorbing its vital energy from the sun. Research shows that natural sunlight improves immune function, makes us happier, more alert, and more calm. It’s a good time to be outdoors and to feel the sun’s rays on your skin for a few moments, if you live where it’s warm enough, or to light a candle, a seasonal ritual followed in many spiritual traditions.

It’s also a time to ask ourselves, “in what ways do I shine?” Where are you bringing light into the world? Where can you be grateful for the light that you receive? It can feel good to take several minutes to focus on the crown of your head and the soles of your feet, where your body makes its connection to the light above and the earth below.

Do you have energy to spare? You could take a quiet moment to send out the light of love to a friend who might need it. Do you need more light? Don’t be afraid to ask the universe for everything you need. Our bodies are a manifestation of their energies. Exercise and laughter lure the light. But another easy way to change the balance is with a simple breathing exercise. Inhale, focusing on the intention to pull in all the energy that you need from the universe, and on the exhale let go of what is no longer useful in your life. Whenever you feel full of energy, give back by sharing the bounty of light and love through your exhale.

Of course, it’s also important, as we connect with the sun, to acknowledge the elemental darkness so necessary to life—it’s where the seeds begin to grow and sprout.

I am wishing you a year full of light and love.

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