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A Path to Holistic Living

As we regroup and realign with a new season, I’ve begun thinking, once again, about what holistic living means for me. It’s a question I’m asked all the time—what is a holistic lifestyle? But while the idea might sound complex or esoteric, it’s so very simple. For me, holistic living, first and foremost, is a path that leads us back into balance and one that helps us settle comfortably into our most natural state of being, the place where each of us feels healthy, happy and most vibrant.

Holistic living recognizes the intimate connection between our physical, spiritual and emotional well-being, and that we must nourish our physical bodies as well as our souls in order to be fully alive. It underlines our connection to the world at large, to the living beings around us, and, for instance, to all the exquisite plants bursting with Pure Living Energy that we use at Tammy Fender when making our formulas. A holistic lifestyle fortifies the connections that make it possible for us to express our truest selves, letting our individual radiance shine.

The good thing is, living in a way that honors our full potential is not out of reach! Holistic balance is cultivated by establishing supportive habits, but also relies on intuition to lead. For some people, living holistically might mean introducing exercise into your daily routine, eating more foods in their natural state, or carving out time for physical and mental rest. Others might practice gratitude, work to become more mindful of their thoughts, or commit to finding creative ways to reduce daily stresses.

 Of course, along the way, living holistically also reveals our true beauty. On the physical plane, a holistic lifestyle nourishes and enhances the skin, to be sure, increasing circulation with exercise, relieving the tension that can cause pre-mature aging and bringing in the nutrients and oxygen that kindle an inner glow.A P

 When we really listen within, we can feel the value of offering these kindnesses to ourselves, even in making just the smallest shifts. It’s easy because it feels so good!

 I’m honored to join you all in this dynamic journey to holistic wellness.

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