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Boost Your Immunity

Thursday, September 28th, 2017

Truth be told, many of us start to think about strengthening our immune systems only once we’ve come down with a cold, but as we move into fall I’d love to share with you some great ways to give your system a gentle boost beforehand. In holistic medicine, we look at the big picture, and making simple lifestyle changes makes all the difference, keeping us energized and strong all season long.

My first line of defense is topical, and I always carry with me a pump-bottle of The Purist, my all-natural botanical hand-sanitizer, bringing together a potent combination of incredible germ-fighting remedies, including Clove Bud, Cinnamon Bark and Thyme. This non-drying formula nourishes the skin, and maintains its natural protective barrier, while fending off environmental antagonists.

In support of immune strength, I also make several small shifts in my daily routine. Fall is a great time to introduce more garlic, ginger and turmeric to the diet, as well as being sure to include vitamin-rich citrus fruits and apples. My family has also benefited from the Elderberry syrup, which I blend into our fresh juices—it’s a powerful antioxidant and tastes beautifully sweet. When choosing essential oils, I tend to gravitate towards those that support immunity, frankincense, eucalyptus and rosemary, for example. When working with clients during the fall I often recommend detoxifying techniques to maintain skin health, including dry-brushing, to rid the body of toxins, and daily self-massage with warmed body oil.

Of course, as we all know, stress is one of the life factors that leaves us the most vulnerable. While our schedules may be full to bursting, it’s so important to make room for being in nature, breathing deeply, and taking the time to wind down, whether in a yoga class, meditation, or in the bath. And it feels important to let this be a pleasure—it’s okay to allow ourselves to enjoy every second of intentional relaxation!

After all, a full life also brings so much happiness—and I know no one wants to miss a second of the fun.

Nourish Yourself

Thursday, September 14th, 2017

Nourish Yourself


It is in our very nature to come together during difficult times, to support one another, and to reach to those in need, in all the many ways that grace arises. The recent storms here in Florida have brought difficulty, but have also brought us closer as a community just at the time in the earth’s cycle when we’ve pulled together by tradition for thousands of years—the harvest at summer’s end, the culmination of that season’s beauty, and the quick and yet slow shift into autumn, which always comes as a delicious surprise.

Every year, there’s a moment when you can almost feel the earth change course, beginning to draw its energy inward again. It’s then, after all of summer’s exuberant, expansive ripening, we receive one of nature’s loveliest gifts, a green and growing generosity that blooms into a bounty. I love to pause just then, taking the opportunity to assimilate summer’s sweetness with my friends and family. For me, the harvest also serves as the perfect reminder—it’s a great time to nourish ourselves in every which way.

The transition can be both physical and emotional, and I know that will be especially true this year. During this seasonal shift, I find myself encouraging clients to work towards restoring balance on every level, fortifying the skin, but also the body, mind and spirit. Being in community, of course, works wonders to bring about this transformation, as does the simple gesture of indulging in quiet. The friends we seek out, the food we prepare for our families and for ourselves, and the help we can offer to others, moves us into the new season feeling regenerated, clear and brightly abundant.

Please join me this month in celebrating the harvest—and nourishing you.

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