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Facial Meditation

Wednesday, August 27th, 2014

facial yogaAt Tammy Fender we often speak about the beauty that glows from within, and every one of our formulations is designed to help you achieve a natural radiance. But there is also a fundamental way that you can boost the healing and revealing process by devoting a small amount of time each day—even just several minutes—to consciously and conscientiously allowing facial muscles to relax and release their habitual tension. Chronically tense muscles reinforce persistent wrinkles, but by bringing yourself, and your facial muscles, into a sweetly meditative state, stress can dissolve away and those lines can slowly fade away.

Start by finding a quiet moment or two at the end of the day or evening. With closed eyes, slowly bring your awareness down from the crown of your head, gently scanning the face, searching out any places where the day’s tensions are held. Some people hold tension at the jaw, others between the brows or at the corners of the mouth. When you encounter resistance or meet with rigidity or stress, breathe gently into that place and simply allow it to let go. You might find it helpful to use a small mantra such as “Release,” or “Relax” as you do so. Once the process becomes familiar and you’ve become aware of your own tendency to tense certain muscles, it will become hard to resist repeating the process in free moments during the day.

Of course, when we relax in this way, lovingly bringing minute attention to ourselves—scanning, breathing, easing and releasing—we not only melt away wrinkles, but increase breath and vitality, wonderfully benefitting the whole body as well as the mind.

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