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Ringing in Spring

Friday, May 23rd, 2014

rose-3Is there anything quite as re-energizing as a good old-fashioned spring cleaning? Spring is a great time to sweep away the cobwebs, to simplify, to clarify and to make the preparations that both literally and figuratively bring life to blossom.

Here at Tammy Fender, we can imagine that one day the dedicated, consistent care we bring to the delicate spring plantings in our herb garden will be absorbed by the plants and flowers destined to be part of our formulas. But holding that caring inspiration in mind, we can also practice bringing warm attention to all that we do, both for ourselves and for others—and we can revel in the sight of our shoots, roots and tendrils growing strong, full of love. There’s nothing more fundamental.

At this time of year I like to remember that when we care for ourselves in this loving and kind spirit, it radiates, and, ultimately, taking the time to treat ourselves with loving kindness benefits everyone around us. Who knows how far the effects of our care might reach? It’s a wonderful thought.

Let’s ring in spring with a back to basics approach that clears the way for our own brightest blooming!

Sunshine State of Mind

Friday, May 23rd, 2014

IMG_2112-smallAs I’m writing to you, the friendly sun shines down on our very own slice of heaven in Palm Beach. We are so very fortunate to have landed in this spot! It’s a beautiful time of year to be here, and we want to extend an invitation to all our friends in harsher climates: If your travels bring you to town, please do come and see us! We are ready to ease your winter memories with warmth and to enliven your body and spirit.

In the meantime, nourishing the soul by staying true to all of our early-in-the-year intentions feels so right just now. For all of us who made big plans and have big hopes for 2014, now is the time to stay on the path. You might renew your intent to live life to its fullest by using your breath—imagining that you replenish your strength and resolve on the in-breath while releasing negative thoughts on the out-breath. As you tune in and envision an ideal you, you can also take the opportunity to re-boot your beauty ritual. And when caring for winter skin, we love Quintessential Serum, which brings deep healing and nourishment to each and every cell.

No matter where you are, we are sending you our sunniest, brightest wishes and our thanks for all that you do and for all the inspiration that you bring to us as we all move together towards spring.

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