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A Mother’s Love

Monday, April 22nd, 2013


It seems to me like no coincidence that Earth Day and Mother’s Day fall just a few weeks apart. As spring bursts into bloom, it brings to mind both kinds of life-giving, that of our mothers and our Mother Earth. After all, just as our mothers once nourished and sustained us with food, water, and even air, our planet continues to do so each day. And just as our mothers surrounded us with unconditional love, that is the nature of our planet’s support. When you really think about it, the open generosity is almost too much to bear! But that’s why I’m glad for this special time of year when we can honor both sources of life.

It’s only natural that when we’re young we take our mothers’ unconditional gifts for granted, and the same holds true for our relationship to the earth. But now that we’re mostly grown, we can acknowledge and celebrate all that we’ve received.

Do you remember what your connection to nature was like when you were a kid, all full of wonder? During these weeks we can indulge in the earth’s beauty and in the nature of its love, seeing the world with fresh eyes. Start small, taking a few moments to appreciate one oxygen-providing tree, one bird chirping, one cloud. Go for a walk, maybe focusing on a single color—green, or blue. Stop and smell the roses—literally! Prepare a special meal incorporating your favorite life-giving foods. Or wake up extra-early one morning to watch the rising dawn.

Of course, it will come as no surprise that you’re the one who will benefit from renewing your bond to Mother Earth. Recent scientific studies have shown that spending time in nature helps the body heal faster after an illness, boosts mental clarity and increases happiness and overall wellbeing. What else can we say—except, “Thanks, mom!”


We’re Nuts for Coconuts!

Wednesday, April 10th, 2013

Sharing the gift of fresh coconut water with my daughter, Savanna.

There is something so deeply delicious about fresh organic coconut water—and I don’t just mean the way it tastes. Coconut water is simply packed with goodness! Beyond its essential minerals and energy-boosting electrolytes, it offers a whole range of healthful benefits for everyone. Let me tell you about just a few.

Coconut water quickens the metabolism, helping those who’d like to shed unwanted weight. It supports the immune system and boasts antioxidant properties. It rehydrates our body’s tissues, bringing us into balance. And, most interestingly, coconut water is full of cytokinins, phytohormones that researchers are now studying for their anti-aging effects. Recent studies have shown that cytokinins like those found in coconut water slow cellular aging and degeneration, and might even be effective in fighting cancer. As the search goes on, I’ll be curious to learn more about the benefits of coconut water!

In the meantime, I’m thankful for this replenishing gift and look forward to enjoying every sip—delicious, fresh and raw, straight from the shell. Cheers!





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