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Free & Clear

February 22nd, 2015

Just as you might enjoy the easy feeling of stepping into a room that’s tidy and clutter-free, energetic space-clearing invites a fresh, bright energy into the spaces where we work and live, and, ultimately, into our lives.

For thousands of years, different forms of space-clearing, including the Chinese harmonic system feng shui, have been preformed by various traditional cultures. Every day, people generate the kind of etheric debris that can build up, leaving behind an energetic residue. The art of space-clearing revitalizes the flow of vibrant energy, clearing out stagnancy in the places where we spend our days.

Naturally, physically de-cluttering your living or working space is a wonderful start. Then, with a simple sound instrument, such as a bell, chime or gong, you might take a walk through your space, using sound vibrations to loosen up any stagnant, burdensome or stuck energy you find, leaving a window slightly cracked as an outlet for the staleness. Most Western architecture doesn’t accommodate a natural sense of energetic flow, and most Western-designed buildings contain plenty of areas where energy can get trapped. In the spirit of out with the old and in with the new, this simple, symbolic cleansing helps us let go of what’s no longer useful.

Next, set an intention, calling in the energy you wish to receive in your cleared space, recirculating through with a soothing invitation, perhaps lighting a candle, setting out fresh flowers, or enlivening the air with a drop or two of a favorite scent. (Bulgarian Rose perfectly welcomes beautiful new beginnings.)

Maintaining our living and working spaces in this way is essential to the free movement of our creative life force, and to our wellbeing. In this way, with loving attention and clear intention, we make room on every level for a fantastically fresh new wave of creativity and openness to enter our living spaces and our lives.

Collagen Boosting Super Foods

February 17th, 2015
When we talk about a eating foods that best support skin health, prime among those choices are foods that the body needs in order to build and to maintain collagen. Collagen serves as skin’s substructure, found throughout all three layers of the dermis, giving skin strength, elasticity and resiliency. As we age, we produce less collagen, while environmental stresses, sun, and free-radicals can also break it down. In order to repair damaged collagen, which also gives skin its beautiful look of fullness, our bodies need a healthy supply of specific nutrients. Here are a handful of favorite collagen boosting super-foods. —Dark leafy greens. You know spinach and kale are good for you! But, specifically, the dark leafy greens boast a pro-collagen antioxidant called lutein. Researchers say eating just 2 oz. kale improves skin elasticity and hydration. —Garlic. Small and mighty, garlic contains sulfur, which is absolutely essential in healing damaged collagen. Sulfur helps hold collagen fibers together, maintaining skin’s strength and flexibility. —Yoghurt. High in protein, but also offering the amino-acid lysine, yoghurt support natural collagen production wonderfully, as do egg whites, which are big on protein but also and contain the amino acid proline. —Citrus. Aging causes a decline in skin’s natural levels of Vitamin C, which functions as an antioxidant and helps regulate the body’s collagen synthesis. In Florida, we know there’s no better source of Vitamin C than fresh citrus. Eating with healing intention is one of the foundations of holistic living. When we feed ourselves well, we feed our skin and our soul—and it shows in healthful radiance.

There’s Nothing Sweeter

February 10th, 2015

It is truly good news when indulgence, delight and good health all come into harmony!

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we’re happy to report that English researchers have recently discovered that eating cacao—found in cocoa beans, and the key ingredient in chocolate—is beneficial to skin, boasting many anti-aging effects.

Dark chocolate, like tea, is rich in flavonoids, natural anti-oxidants that help skin resist the sun’s harmful rays and can reduce oxidative stress from daily environmental factors, which, in turn, protects precious collagen. Scientific researchers say that, when eaten in moderation, highest quality, low-sugar dark chocolate made with over 70% cocoa offers the biggest benefits.

Glorious chocolate is now guilt free—it doesn’t get much better than that!

Caring for the Man in Your Life

February 6th, 2015

men 1 copyA question I’m asked often is, which Tammy Fender formulations best serve men’s skin? In honor of Valentine’s Day—and sharing what you love—I’m happy to offer this protocol for holistically caring for the men’s skin.

Of course, each person’s path to perfect balance is unique, but in general men’s skin is different from women’s skin in significant ways. Besides facial hair, hormonal differences mean that men’s skin is slightly thicker, boasts a little more collagen, and tends to be better hydrated, thanks to elevated sebum production. We’ve got all that covered.

Before shaving, I like to recommend men use our Cleansing Milk, which softens the beard and whisks away excess oils. Shaving itself acts as an exfoliant, but following with antioxidant-rich Essential C Tonic not only re-energizes the complexion, it soothes and purifies. Our Antioxidant Crème provides a wonderful finish, bursting with bright citrus aroma, though it's not too thick in texture. It’s a great nourisher and a protector against free radicals and environmental stresses, while also acting as a natural anti-depressant, uplifting the senses.

On the deepest level, however, our formulas, blending only the most powerfully pure and ancient holistic remedies, are also created to encourage the kind of energetic movement and momentum that builds inner strength, removing blockages and fostering the growth of true connection. In that way, when someone takes the loving time to care for himself or herself with holistic intention, it is a gift to all.

The Body Knows – The Gift of Intuition

December 11th, 2014
blog photo 2What does the heart comprehend that the mind can’t fathom? Well, plenty! Intuition is one of our most powerful gifts, and when we tap into its potential it guides us like internal radar along a path that so beautifully improves overall wellbeing. While it can feel nearly impossible to find the time to reconnect with our deepest knowing when life’s busy-ness is amplified, intuition provides clarity and awareness as nothing else can. All that’s really needed is a moment dedicated to paying attention to you, whether you find it sitting quietly, walking, doing yoga or out in nature. Check in quietly, turning your focus inward to see what feels out of alignment—are you depleted, over-extended, or impatient? It isn’t a question for the mind, but for the body. Then you make the space to attend to your own special needs. And as our inner lives come into balance, everything else does, too. Your skin will thank you!

An Extraordinary Element – Water

October 22nd, 2014

3In holistic healing, we often talk about coming into balance, guiding the whole being into its most natural state. But whenever that notion starts to sound a little esoteric, I like to remember that, more than almost anything, our health relies on our most precious, and most basic, resource—water. The connection is so fundamental, so essential, it’s easy to forget. But water is the key to keeping our bodies running strong and our skin glowing from within.


Water transports vital nutrients throughout the body, maintains the osmotic tone of the cells, and flushes out toxins, which happens even more quickly when we drink enough water. It’s a necessary in almost every bodily function, from energizing muscles and keeping fatigue at bay, to helping the heart pump blood efficiently. And water is skin’s best ally, carrying oxygen to the cells of our biggest organ, eliminating impurities, and improving circulation, all of which ignites that healthy radiance.


Still, water is not only crucial in supporting the wellbeing of our physical bodies, but serves to optimize our thought processes, transmitting our feelings and moods as an energy carrier, and facilitating communication between brain cells. They say that some 70% to 80% of the brain tissue is water. When you’re dehydrated, your body and your mind are stressed, which has both direct and indirect effects. (And if you're feeling thirsty, that’s a sign that you're already a bit dehydrated.) 


But while we might drink water to rehydrate and detoxify, water is also a primary food source, one that replenishes us with living energy and information. Just think, the electricity of our every idea or question or love passes through this vital fluid. Water also offers a profound connection to the world around us.


Spring water, which surfaces on its own and flows from the earth, is best of all, carrying with it electromagnetic vibrations from deep within our planet. This truly mature water is filled with energy that can replenish us, supercharging our life force.


Why not take pleasure in drinking the classic eight-glasses-of-water-a-day—with gratitude and wonder.

Message in a Bottle: Discover your Signature Aroma

October 2nd, 2014
fragrance blog - 2Sometimes we are so intensely drawn in by a scent, whether Rose, Lavender, Sandalwood, Neroli or fresh mint, that our delight in it is almost delirious. Don’t you love those moments? We feel that we simply can not get enough of that wonderful, transporting, heavenly aroma, inhaling it as deeply as we can and pulling it down, down, down into the lungs. But besides the joyous intoxication that nature’s most powerful scents can provoke, those that attract you most can also serve as a direct communique from your inner self, and the aromas that you’re most attracted to speak to the healing of your deepest self craves. Each has a signature all its own. Rose calls in love and beauty during times of stress. Lavender encourages bright calm. Sandalwood elevates the mood, and supports meditative wisdom. Neroli releases tension and removes blockages. And mint’s cooling and stimulating properties are renowned. That’s why we’ve incorporated pure essences into all our Tammy Fender formulations, from Bulgarian Rose Water to Bulgarian Lavender Body Oil to Quintessential Serum, which includes Rose, Frankincense and Chamomile in its potent mix. Just one deep inhalation can bring therapeutic benefits to body, mind and spirit, and, of course, the effects are only heightened through application directly to the skin. On the cellular level, once these essences enter our bodies, they work to rebuild, reinvigorate and fortify the very tissues that support us underneath it all. I love to utilize this often-neglected path to wellness. What scent suits you best? Which one is your favorite? Take advantage of all the natural world has to offer—don’t forget to stop and smell the roses!

Facial Meditation

August 27th, 2014
facial yogaAt Tammy Fender we often speak about the beauty that glows from within, and every one of our formulations is designed to help you achieve a natural radiance. But there is also a fundamental way that you can boost the healing and revealing process by devoting a small amount of time each day—even just several minutes—to consciously and conscientiously allowing facial muscles to relax and release their habitual tension. Chronically tense muscles reinforce persistent wrinkles, but by bringing yourself, and your facial muscles, into a sweetly meditative state, stress can dissolve away and those lines can slowly fade away. Start by finding a quiet moment or two at the end of the day or evening. With closed eyes, slowly bring your awareness down from the crown of your head, gently scanning the face, searching out any places where the day’s tensions are held. Some people hold tension at the jaw, others between the brows or at the corners of the mouth. When you encounter resistance or meet with rigidity or stress, breathe gently into that place and simply allow it to let go. You might find it helpful to use a small mantra such as “Release,” or “Relax" as you do so. Once the process becomes familiar and you’ve become aware of your own tendency to tense certain muscles, it will become hard to resist repeating the process in free moments during the day. Of course, when we relax in this way, lovingly bringing minute attention to ourselves—scanning, breathing, easing and releasing—we not only melt away wrinkles, but increase breath and vitality, wonderfully benefitting the whole body as well as the mind.

Friends & Family

July 30th, 2014
Travel Kit FinalsmallAs one of the ancients put it, friendship is a slow ripening fruit, but whether you’ve been with us since the beginning, or whether you just tried your first Tammy Fender formulation last week, we like to think of each and every one of our customers and clients as friends and family from the very start. We are deeply honored to accompany you on this journey to wellness and to witness the unveiling of your best, most radiant self. That kind of intimate, energetic connection cuts through the preliminaries fast! We hope you’ll enjoy our annual Friends and Family sales event, a special time of year when we have the chance to thank you for all your tremendous support of our work and to show our gratitude for all the wonderful ways you bring light and love into our lives. The way we see it, this friendship is ever abundant and perfectly ripe.

Facial Massage: Healing Heart and Mind

June 30th, 2014
facial massageThe benefits of facial massage - enhances nourishment and cleansing of tissues which makes for a glowing complexion. maintains good tone and elasticity to all skin layers which helps to hold youthful contours - melts away facial tension smoothing wrinkles and brings gentleness to the expression -redirects supple energies relieving stiffness through the entire body. Releasing neck tension for example allows energy to flow more freely between the head and the heart - this facilitates better connection between our thoughts and emotions our habits and patterns. If westerners were asked "where do you think" they would point to their heads, easterners in contrast point to their heart reaching the center of the motion- this perpetual difference together with the Westerns culture, speed and complexity with modern technological lifestyles create focus  of a lot more energy in the upper regions to head the neck and the shoulders  in this modern world our heads tend to feel busier than the rest of our bodies our thoughts and emotions tend to constrict and twist the muscles of face head neck and shoulders.

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