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Post-Sun Healing

August 1st, 2015


It happens to all of us—we enjoy a beautiful, long day at the beach or in the garden so much more than our skin does. But not to worry! Here are my favorite post-sun tips, which should quickly restore and revive depleted skin.

Though sunblock protects skin, it can also strip our natural protective barrier and draw away moisture, so you should remove it at the earliest possible moment. In the summer heat, Purifying Cleansing Gel, full of healing spearmint, has such a wonderfully cooling effect. I use a few pumps in a cool-to-luke-warm shower as an invigorating face and body wash.

In order to help the complexion rebound, I love the nourishing oils blended into Capillary Strengthening Blend—from Chamomile, Neroli and Rose to Carrot Seed—all soothing and anti-inflammatory healing antidotes that support new growth and replenish vital nutrients.

After a day of sun, it also feels great to treat your over-heated body with therapeutically fragrant Bulgarian Lavender Body Oil. Lavender, besides leading the mind into a restful, balanced state, can reduce sunburn pain. And a good night’s sleep is absolutely essential to healing, as skin repairs itself most efficiently during our resting hours. 

The oils included in all these formulas penetrate skin deeply and quickly, to speed recovery, while their true aromas keep that joyful summer mood buoyant. 

I hope you’re enjoying all that summer has to offer!

Slow Beauty

July 16th, 2015


We can all get swept up in a culture that celebrates speed. But sometimes it feels so good to find ways to simply let go of the clock.

While I’ve so often seen immediate results when clients first switch over to using the plant-based natural formulas in my skincare collection, for me beauty is about healing on the deepest levels. And that kind of healing takes intention and time. The beauty industry is full of quick fixes! Instead, I’ve devoted myself to strengthening the foundations of wellness, for body, mind and spirit, by working from the inside out. It’s a longterm commitment.

On the physical level, cell by cell, our skin replenishes itself completely over the course of six weeks. Just as you would with a diet, or in beginning a new exercise program, giving yourself the gift of patience is key to transforming. Even just slowing down for a few moments—whenever you can—is so healing in itself!

Is your skincare regimen designed to nurture your deepest self? Are you ready to try something new? Our skincare experts would love to help you create a healing protocol that is just right for you. We are so honored to join you in this journey.

Wonderful Wanderlust

July 9th, 2015


Summer is a time of great expansion—flowers burst into bloom and the days are sweetly long. But we can also tap into the season’s urge toward bold widening energy from within, intentionally rejuvenating our hearts and minds.

Studies have shown that we become less open to newness as we age. On the physical level, a sense of adventure recharges your heart and moves your blood, while creates new neurological connections. The thrill is precious! And, naturally, daring to expand can also awakening a deep sense of youthful joy and beauty. It's growth.

 The kind of fluidity we experience when we step out of the everyday re-charges our chi, our life force, unblocking old patterns and opening our eyes to the world’s rich vibrancy. Traveling, for example, is a great way to challenge yourself, arriving at a new place where you’ll see life through a different lens.

Are you ready for something new? If you’re planning to hit the road this summer—or if you’ll expand your horizons by reading a great new book—let that energy of curious delight soak into every cell.

Tammy’s Protocol for Pre-Flight, In-Flight + Post-flight Skin Savers

July 2nd, 2015
plane Summertime is adventure time. I love to hit the road and to see new places! Yet, when we travel, along the way we often lose precious hours of sleep, whether waking up early to catch a flight or in jet-lag taking its toll. Skin regenerates during sleep, repairing and healing itself after the demands of the day. That’s why on the night before a flight, I recommend treating skin to a thick layer of Restorative Radiance Masque, followed by an application of Quintessential Serum, ensuring that skin is fully replenished even before you set out. In-flight, as skin will encounter diminished moisture and other environmental stresses, I like to wear Quintessential Serum under a layer of Spontaneous Recovery Crème. Both are formulated to protect and to nourish skin, sealing in moisture and providing skin essential nutrients while you’re on-the-fly. I also carry a small spritzer bottle of Roman Chamomile Tonic, Bulgarian Rose Water or Essential C Tonic in my carry-on bag. The scent of these floral waters and tonics is so grounding. And no matter what happens en route, I know that soothing care is only a quick spritz away! After a flight, besides getting your body re-hydrated with plenty of fluids, you can awaken skin with a quick in-room facial. Increasing micro-circulation, gently massage Cleansing Milk onto skin with a light, circular motion. Follow with Bulgarian Rose Water, to soothe skin and awaken your heart energy. Finally, revive completely with Restorative Radiance Masque. While your skin drinks in all those nutrients, for a few moments you might want to practice some simple, relaxing breathing techniques. On the exhale, release any tensions, or frustrations, you encountered while traveling. On the inhale draw in all the bright, lively energy that will help you move through your day. Breath deeply and take as much as you need! Voilà—you’ll feel fresh, fully recovered and ready for anything.

Ode to Chamomile

June 25th, 2015
chamomile If your summer is revved up and over-busy, Chamomile might be just the thing you crave. Dissolving stress for centuries, Chamomile was used by holistic practitioners in ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt and India. Remarkably, the herbal remedy works as an anti-inflammatory and as a relaxant, healing wounds and boosting immunity, whether absorbed through the skin or taken as a tea or tincture. There’s a reason I never leave home without a take-along sized bottle of Roman Chamomile Tonic tucked away in my bag! Just the warm fresh scent alone is wonderfully grounding. To benefit from this sweet summertime soother, you might steep a jar of Chamomile sun tea, then ice it down in the fridge, creating a refreshing drink, or you might enjoy the apple-y flavor of a pitcher of cool water bright with fresh Chamomile blossoms. And in the evening, there is nothing so peace inducing as putting together a quick bath sachet—bundling a handful of dried Chamomile flowers in a small piece of cheese cloth tied with twine to use in your hot bath.

Instant Refreshment

June 18th, 2015
[caption id="attachment_914" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Our Blueberry, Honey + Greek Yoghurt ice pops. Our Blueberry, Honey + Greek Yoghurt ice pops.[/caption]

Icy cold popsicles are an old-fashioned summertime delight. We love to make them with all our favorite juices—Watermelon or Melon, Peach, or Blueberry, or almost anything blended with Lemon or Lime. Healthy deliciousness on a stick!

When creating your own blend, remember that juice freezes hard, so you’ll want to include pureed fruit to soften the texture. Try Strawberry-Cucumber, made with pureed fresh cucumber, crushed frozen strawberries, lime juice, lime zest and honey. Mango-Coconut is a tropical treat, using Mango juice and fresh fruit puree, and, just the tiniest pinch of cinnamon for warmth. 

Of course, if your garden is overflowing with fresh herbs, you can make freezer pops using a couple strongly brewed cups of your favorite herbal teas. Chamomile-Honey is sunny and light. Lemon-Thyme is another lovely combination, or try substituting in Basil, Mint or Verbena. Experimenting is a joy—and you can always try out new flavors by making a few ice-cube testers. 

For the prettiest ice pops of all, however, set edible flower petals—or whole blossoms—adrift. Pansies, marigolds, violets, roses, nasturtiums, borage—or the smallest blossoms from your fresh herbs.

Cool off, share—and enjoy!

Tammy’s Summer Loves

June 12th, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 2.31.38 PM

We are happy to share a few of Tammy’s seasonally summery favorites—as well as all of our best wishes for a summer full of fun + friends and glowing good health.

Favorite Summertime Bloom: The wide array of rose bushes in my garden!

Most Peaceful Moment of the Day: Before dawn—a quiet time of stillness and meditation. And just before  sunset, enjoying being out in the yard with my family, reflecting on the fullness of the day, a walk through the garden, and checking out all of the sweet birds and little critters around us...

Energizing Exercise: A swim in the ocean

Summer-Perfect Salad: Garden-fresh arugula, fresh green peas, avocado, sliced hearts of palm, a little fresh Locatelli cheese, all tossed with olive oil and lemon juice.

Favorite Summer Formulations: Our two new treatment masques—Restorative Radiance Masque and Purifying Luculent Masque—as well as Awakening Eye Gel, and Rose Geranium & Tangerine Body Lotion.

Bedside Reading: The Wellspring of Good

Spa Indulgence: Thai Yoga Massage with Lumdaun

Ultimate Summer Juice: Watermelon with Mint or Ginger.

At-Home Facial: A double mask—Epi-Peel followed by Purifying Lucent Masque, and finished with a thin layer of Spontaneous Recovery Cremè to magnify summer’s glow.

Holistic Treat: Homemade Lemon-Lime & Basil popsicles.

Getaway Destination: Colorado mountains and dreaming of Italy!

Pre-Flight + In-Flight Skin Savers: The night before a flight use Restorative Radiance Masque, followed by Quintessential Serum. To protect skin in-flight and arrive glowing, wear Quintessential Serum under a layer of Spontaneous Recovery Cremè.

Never Leave Home Without: Roman Chamomile Tonic in a travel-sized spray—so perfectly soothing when you’re on-the-go

Garden Gratitude

May 28th, 2015


If there is one place where I can while away my summer hours, it’s in the garden. Time just seems to stand still for me there. My mind clears, and my troubles drift away. It’s a living sanctuary.

I’ve planted a wide array of roses—my favor summertime flower—and they bloom one after the next. Their fragrance is soft, yet intense and so feminine. I cut some for my own bedside table, and little buds for my daughter Savanna’s room. Ever since Savanna was a baby, I've kept a small vase with fresh flowers in her room—one of the joys of having a little girl. She loves that they are always different, and I love teaching her all about the flowers.

In summertime, our gardens are the heart of our home. Everyday I spend time tending the French kitchen garden. It’s my joy. There we grow everything from culinary herbs to medicinal plants, and so many different kinds of organic vegetables, fruits and berries, which I harvest for our meals. How wonderful it is to walk by one of our newly planted Moringa trees and remember you can just pick the healing, nutritious leaves and eat them!

Savanna and I have also created a beautiful butterfly garden, one of my favorite spots in the yard. It shelters several dozen Monarch and Swallowtail caterpillars at a time, and watching their transformation is truly amazing. We can all get lost in time, just sitting on the log benches surrounded by all the fluttering butterflies. We also have a special spot where we keep our beehive, and, of course, we love discovering the honeybees as they visit the garden’s Magnolia blooms, or Orange Blossoms, or alight on the Pentas.

As you can imagine, the garden’s aroma is incredible. We have several varieties of citrus trees just now coming into bloom, and there is nothing quite like that scent of Orange Blossom. At the same time, the aroma of our blooming Almond Bush, which the bees and butterflies love, is intoxicatingly beautiful, which is why I’ve planted several under our bedroom windows. And then there is our Ylang-Ylang tree—a real treasure.  

I have to say whether I am walking the yard in complete meditation, just admiring nature, or sitting drinking herbal lemongrass tea fresh from the garden—at heart, I love being at home. 

Here Comes the Sun

May 21st, 2015


We couldn’t live without our sun’s glorious radiance, but it’s that time of year when skin most needs protection from its rays. 

What’s the best strategy? When in the garden or at the beach, I use physical sunblock—a big hat, sunglasses, long-sleeved T-shirt and a sarong. While that might sound a little dreary to some, I swear it’s easier than ever to look chic and to keep skin safe this season. There are so many elegantly creative options out there, from classic broad-brimmed straw hats to fun straw fedoras. Super chic surfer rash guards are offered by swimwear designers from J Crew to Orelebar Brown. And there has never been such a range of cool beach coverups available. Have you seen Proenza Schouler’s tie-dyed sarong? 

During long days outdoors, I always include sunscreen as part of my daily skincare protocol, applying a thin layer over my Tammy Fender crème.  I recommend finding a sunscreen that lists Zinc Oxide as the active ingredient, as it protects skin from both UVA and UVB rays, and because it has a long history of safe use. It’s also important to remember that sunscreen is only effective for two hours, at most. 

I’ll post again later in the season about what to do when you’ve had too much sun. But in the meantime, I hope that your summer is truly wonderful, full of all the fun with friends and family that you’ve been hoping for. 

Wishing you a Happy Mother’s Day

May 10th, 2015
unnamed This Mother’s Day, I find myself thinking a lot about rejuvenation—but maybe not in the way that you’d expect. While much of what I do is focused on creating formulas that enhance and restore skin’s youthfulness, all filled with the Pure Living Energy of plants that so lovingly sustain us, what I mean is something that goes much deeper—way down into the soul. A mother is someone who nourishes us, gives us care and warmth and love, fosters growth as new life unfolds. But creating support for what’s new, what’s growing and blooming within each of us, is also a gift that we can give to ourselves. Just like a child, or a sprouting seedling, clearing space for growth encourages the energy of rejuvenation. Mother’s Day—while a wonderful opportunity to show gratitude for all the people who have supported our growth—it is also a chance for each of us to ask, what nourishment and inspiration do I need in order create my own path, allowing rejuvenation to uplift the spirit? In this way, granting ourselves the space, time, ease and love to cherish what’s tenderly growing inside each of us, can’t help but create a rejuvenating wellspring that spills over into all we do, sharing that gift with everyone around us.

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